Mobile Phone – Is It A Necessity or an Addiction?

This is a critical question to be asked in this current generation. As a 21st century Smartphone user and youth, I wake up and the first thing I think of is my phone. The truth is that the phone has become an integral part of the life of most people especially this present generation. Mobile phones have their benefits such as providing information and connecting with people all over the world; Sadly, phones have now replaced the need for humans. It is no longer a necessity but rather an addiction to today’s youth and children who can’t do without it. You find them walking on the street with an earpiece or headphone while staring into the phone and their thumbs and forefingers move rapidly over the screen.


Undoubtedly, mobile phones have provided us with immense benefits and with it we can always access every new technological invention and upgrade. I believe the benefits and the new technological invention and upgrades is one of the main factors that made phones to become more of an addiction. Among all devices electronics and Personal Digital Assistants used by people, cell phones are the most commonly used devices. There was a time when just a few people had access to Smartphones. Today about 9 out of 10 people have access to mobile phones including students and children in schools.

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Everyone loves the fact that mobile phone users especially students and children can now communicate better, organize their lives, monitor their finances and save time in a cost effective and highly convenient way. Like every technological invention, whatever has a good side will also have a negative side effect. One of this is the addiction that has become a part of the life of users. Many people don’t know where to draw the line between continuous use and addiction.


If we don’t focus on making the phone a necessity we run the risk of it controlling our minds which is what leads to addiction. Some of the many downsides that come with phone addictions are severe distress and anxiety. It can also lead to serious physical problems that can lead to unending harm for both your mind and body.


Here are some tips to help you prevent phone addiction and any associated medical problem it brings:



I always advise parents to allow children participate in creative indoor or outdoor games rather than grant them access to phones or computer games. It is better to use a headset or speaker when playing music or audio on your phone. Headset and speakers help to prevent radiation. If you can, try to stick with the old traditional phones rather than opting for a Smartphone. They are usually the best option. Try to reduce the number of times you use your cell phones. I have a fixed time when I attend to my messages and check on my notifications. It’s better that way and it prevents addiction.


Get into real human conversations and limit your virtual conversations and relationships. Go out and relate with people physically rather than chatting or texting. Rid your phone of every unnecessary social media app that you aren’t using. Try not to get involved in addictive games or anything that isn’t important. When you’re in bed put your phone away. In conclusion, I advise that you don’t get addicted to your phone as difficult as that sounds. This is because it is easier to prevent an addiction rather than get a cure. I always advise my friends to apply self control and not totally immerse themselves into their phones. If you find out you are addicted there are groups you can join to help you deal with it. Grow meaningful physical healthy relationships with these people outside the virtual world.

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