How To Find Your Router IP Address Without Any Trouble

Routers perform as the mediator among your broadband connection and computer. It selects the top route to deliver your data package to the host, enhancing speed expressively. They are placed at a gateway, the meeting point for two or extra networks. Wireless routers and broadband are the two most normally used types of routers. The IP address decodes to the Internet Protocol address. Each router has one. It is a cord of numbers that performs as an identifying label aimed at the device partaking in the computer network.

It is essential to distinguish the router's IP address if you need to access the web-based formation page. While there are sites listing the default IP address of the router, yours might have reformed due to the following details. There might have been a set-up change on the ISP end. You may have updated the firmware, ensuing in a modification in the interface. There may have been an interception, where somebody could have added access to your device and reformed the settings on the network. Unknown to you, there is a probability it was changed throughout router setup.

A router runs with two IP address. The exterior one is the mathematical label that it uses to communicate crossways the Internet. Conversely, the private one is the device individuality on a local areas network. With the purpose of configuring your router, you will require to log in to it. So as to do that, you must distinguish its IP address. The IP address contains four numbers detached by full stops. The home network's IP address will begin with Routers naturally have IP addresses such as or Reliant on your computer or device, the way you will discover your router's IP address will be diverse. Here are the following steps for each.


Click the command prompt by using the search bar also typing 'cmd'. The black window will visible in which you will need to write 'ipconfig'. See through the consequences for the default gateway address.


First of all, navigate to the: Applications > System Tools > Terminal also write 'ipconfig'. You’ll see your router's IP recorded beside 'inet addr'.



A third-party application called Wi-Fi Analyzer is the relaxed way for Android devices. Afterwards install the application, click on the 'View' menu as well as choose 'AP list'. You will see 'Connected to: [Network Name]'. The Uncertainty you click on it, a window will show your network's info including your router's IP address.

iPhone iOS

Uncertainty using iOS9 otherwise iOS8, navigate to the Settings > Wi-Fi also press the wireless network to which you are presently connected. See in the DHCP segment to find the IP address of your router's.

Chrome OS

On the taskbar, press the notification zone. Next, press on 'Connected to [Network Name]' on the checklist that appears. Press on the name of the wireless network as well as then on this 'Network' tab to show the outcomes including the router's IP address.

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