How To Find Your Router IP Address Without Any Trouble

Routers perform as the mediator among your broadband connection and computer. It selects the top route to deliver your data package to the host, enhancing speed expressively. They are placed at a gateway, the meeting point for two or extra networks. Wireless routers and broadband are the two most normally used types of routers. The IP address decodes to the Internet Protocol address. Each router has one. It is a cord of numbers that performs as an identifying label aimed at the device partaking in the computer network.

It is essential to distinguish the router's IP address if you need to access the web-based formation page. While there are sites listing the default IP address of the router, yours might have reformed due to the following details. There might have been a set-up change on the ISP end. You may have updated the firmware, ensuing in a modification in the interface. There may have been an interception, where somebody could have added access to your device and reformed the settings on the network. Unknown to you, there is a probability it was changed throughout router setup.

A router runs with two IP address. The exterior one is the mathematical label that it uses to communicate crossways the Internet. Conversely, the private one is the device individuality on a local areas network. With the purpose of configuring your router, you will require to log in to it. So as to do that, you must distinguish its IP address. The IP address contains four numbers detached by full stops. The home network's IP address will begin with Routers naturally have IP addresses such as or Reliant on your computer or device, the way you will discover your router's IP address will be diverse. Here are the following steps for each.


Click the command prompt by using the search bar also typing 'cmd'. The black window will visible in which you will need to write 'ipconfig'. See through the consequences for the default gateway address.


First of all, navigate to the: Applications > System Tools > Terminal also write 'ipconfig'. You’ll see your router's IP recorded beside 'inet addr'.



A third-party application called Wi-Fi Analyzer is the relaxed way for Android devices. Afterwards install the application, click on the 'View' menu as well as choose 'AP list'. You will see 'Connected to: [Network Name]'. The Uncertainty you click on it, a window will show your network's info including your router's IP address.


The Transition of Apple From Its First iPhone to the Latest iPhone 7

The top-notch Tech Company Apple is widely recognized because of its avant-garde iPhone devices which has remained highly sought after in the Smartphone field. This is basically because of its peculiar functions and variety of features. With some of these peculiar features the first iPhone was released into the market in 2007 and since then the company has remained a trail blazer in the world of Smartphones. Without looking back, it has won a good share of the market. It has also become very endearing to the people who are their loyal customers; some wouldn’t mind giving up a pound of their flesh or their kidney to buy an iPhone. You think it sounds weird that people can sell their kidneys for an iPhone? Well, the truth is people are doing it and people will do it! The question is what makes the iPhone so endearing? How did it manage to stay on top since 2007? I’ll tell you the answer by giving you a sneak peek into their journey over the years.

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iPhone 3G

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  • The First iPhone

In January 2007, Steve Job unleashed the first iPhone to the world although it didn't make it to the market till June 2007. It had 2 alternative storages which are the 4GB and 8GB storage and it was quite costly. This mobile device made its way to the hearts of people mainly because of 2 main peculiarities: It was a multi-touch screen of 3.5 inches. It was a 2 mega pixel camera. Although people accepted this device and praised Jobs, it had a poor quality and the camera resolution was quite terrible. And so the iPhone 4S series was introduced into the market with impressive features such as the 3 storage models which are the 16GB, 32GB and a new 64GB. It also had a dual-core processor.

  • The iPhone 3G Series

In 2008, the company came out with another of their products: the iPhone 3G. The device came with 3G data connectivity and it was inexpensive when compared to the first iPhone. Apple made this to be an 8GB and 16GB modification to the previous one. The remarkable feat of Apple was their ability to create a device with better features and an upgrade in the performance in another year. There was also another model in the 3G series known as the 3.0 OS powered Smartphone. The 3.0 OS iPhone was faster and it was launched in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB modification. The phone was widely accepted and praised by users and viewers because of its new and cool features.

  • The iPhone 4 series

The year 2010 witnessed another upgrade in the mobile device world. In June 2017, Apple launched a new product called the iPhone 4. This was a mind-blowing technological trend for that year! The iPhone 4 had the feature of a Face Time video chat opportunity and a Retina display all for the same price as that of the 16GB and 32GB variants. The device was an upgrade and the name reflected it. It was called the iPhone Operating System 4. This was the year Steve Job became ill so Tim Cook took over the company as the CEO. With Tim in charge, he brought in a new energy and motivation into the company. He also worked towards the progress and development of the new phone.

  • The iPhone 5 Series

The next technological upgrade the world witnessed from Apple's iPhone was in the year 2012. The company came up with good designs and changed the features and designs of the iPhone. In September of that year, Tim Cook told the world that the new iPhone would be slimmer and faster. It would have a 4-inch screen and the price was still the same as that of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. The phone was widely accepted and there was rush for it due to its sleek look and impressive features. The following year, Apple came up with new kinds of their device along with 2 devices which are the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5c was made for those who wanted a sleek smartphone with a particular budget. The iPhone 5S had a faster 64-bit A7 processor as well as a Touch ID. The company also came up with motion data processor for the iPhone 5C so users could use the health and fitness apps. Stay away from your phone at least 1 hour before you go to bed.

  • iPhone 6 Plus Series

The company never relented on its innovation and creativity. It also introduced 2 new devices into the market in the year 2014 which were the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. These new iPhone brought revolutionary changes and it made people have a different perspective about it. There were distinct upgrades in the designs, functions and features. The iPhones 6 and 6 Plus had a wider screen which was 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. It also had other cool features such as an A8 processor, NFC, curved edges, upgraded camera, iPhone Operating System 8, Face Time Camera and some other jaw-dropping features to further increase their share of the market. These two devices have proven that Apple won't stop surprising the world with its revolutionary upgrades. A new force touch technology called 3D Touch made entry in these two devices along with an improved camera module, faster A9 chip, and a new color.

  • The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus

In the year 2016, Apple performed more wonders! The company introduced the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. It had special features like improved battery life, upgraded camera, a very fast processor and a knock-out throwback (which was the abolishment of the headphone jack). The home button was changed and it came with a quad-core A10 Fusion chip which is ground-breaking with its superb performance and results. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were designed in various colors, huge storage capacity, dual cameras and a lot of trail blazing and cutting edge features that makes it the most desirable phone to get. In conclusion, this has been the journey of Apple's iPhones from inception till date. Once you are sure about your budget and what you want then you can go ahead and get one. If you want to get an iPhone and check out these cool features, you can order it on different stores online.

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